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Windows NT 3.51 Setup

The following settings should be in Windows NT RAS. Verify that they are correct and that you can connect properly. If you have any problems, please call IwayNet Technical Support.

Configuring TCP/IP settings.

  1. Double-click the "Remote Access" icon.

  2. Create a new entry (for first-time users) or select the appropriate one (if you have connected before).

  3. Click "Advanced".

  4. Click the "Network" button, which will display the "Network Protocol Settings Dialog".

  5. Check the "PPP" option.

  6. Click on "TCP/IP Settings".

  7. If you have DYNAMIC IP addresses, check "Use server assigned IP addresses". If you have a STATIC IP address, check "Require specific IPaddress" and enter your designated address.

  8. The dial-in number is (614) 930-0075

  9. Enter the PRIMARY ( and BACKUP ( DNS IP addresses.

NOTE: You do not want to use LCP and you should place your username and password in the appropriate fields (Another NOTE: When you find the "username" and "password" fields, there is also a field for the "domain name" which you should leave blank).

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