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IwayNet ISDN Dial-up Accounts
1-2 Channel


ISDN dial-up connections require either a 1 or 2 channel ISDN phone line from Ameritech (or your local phone company). The first step in establishing an ISDN account is activating the telephone service, which could take several weeks depending on your telephone company's installation schedule.

You will also need to buy an ISDN modem. You cannot use conventional modems on ISDN lines. After you have your new phone line and ISDN modem it's time to give IwayNet a call and have your trial account activated. If you already have an IwayNet dial-up account we can credit the remaining subscribed fee to your new ISDN subscription, otherwise, you will need to make arrangements for these fees upon completion of your trial period.

Important Features

  • Multiple channels supported.
  • Unlimited Usage.
  • PPP or SLIP compatible.
  • Email Account (including 2 Aliases, FREE!)
  • 10 MB of storage space on our server.
  • Personal WWW site included with many available features; Corporate pages for a nominal fee.

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