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IwayNet's Telnet Client Picks

Telnet is used for direct (shell) access to systems on the Internet. Most individuals will have no use for telnet, but for those who do, we have provided some links to the best shell clients.

Tera Term
  • Platforms:  
  • License: Freeware

This is the terminal program we use most at IwayNet. It has a very simple interface, along with some convenient editing options.

  • Platforms:  
  • License: Shareware

This is another great terminal program. It has its own "phone book" that is easy to use, if you telnet to many different sites. It also allows you to dial out, using your modem, which is great for calling local Bulletin Board Services (BBS's). It supports Z-Modem and all the popular file-transfer protocols, even over telnet! In addition to all these things, it allows you to write scripts to automatically log on to sites.

Nifty Telnet
  • Platforms:  
  • License: Freeware

This is a superb telnet client for the Macintosh. Full drag-and-drop support, VT-102 emulation, extremely small, and extremely fast. A great replacement for NCSA Telnet!

  • Platforms:  
  • License: Freeware

BetterTelnet for Mac OS is a significantly enhanced version of NCSA Telnet 2.7b5. It fixes many bugs and has a redesigned interface that is not only easier to use and configure than NCSA Telnet, but still has as much as if not more configuration flexibility. All configuration options from NCSA Telnet are still in BetterTelnet.

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