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IwayNet's IRC Client Picks

IRC is text-based chat over the Internet. You can talk to people all over the world, and even start your own "channel" where the subject of the discussion is whatever you choose.

  • Platforms:  
  • License: Freeware

The standard Internet Relay Chat (IRC) program. This has a good interface and it won't take too long to learn what IRC is all about!

  • Platforms:  
  • License: Shareware

vIRC is a new type of IRC client. It offers a graphical interface to the standard text base chat, and makes IRC a lot more visually appealing. Get it if you are an IRC fanatic!

  • Platforms:  
  • License: Shareware

This is the best chat program for Macintosh. Small but full featured, this will run on any Mac capable of accessing the Internet. It implements 'faces' (pictures of people online) and speech (with Apple Speech Manager installed). It is also able to transfer files (using DCC) to other IRC users, including users on other hardware platforms.

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