Technical Data

Compact Size

  • Small (approximately the size of a laptop computer)
  • Weight of approximately 5 lbs


  • Since August 2004, the Sencion has been in use at Asian airports with almost flawless results
  • In actual use at security checkpoints, the Sencion has successfully identified threat liquids being carried by airline passengers

Fast and Accurate Detection

  • Response time less than 2 seconds
  • Threat liquid detection elicits easy to distinguish audible alarm and red light
  • Detection of harmless liquid elicits easy to distinguish green light
  • Analysis rate of at least 12 items per minute (including handling) or 720 bottles per hour
  • High detection rate
  • Low false positive alarm rate

Sencion demonstration video

Ease of Use

  • Ready for use in less than 5 seconds from start up
  • Training in less than 15 minutes
  • No need to open bottles
  • Utilizes U.S. standard power requirements
  • Installation requires simply a flat, stable platform or table

Safe and Easy to Maintain

  • Pre-calibrated at the factory
  • Little maintenance, if any, required
  • Meets all applicable safety requirements and will not harm humans or property