Technical Data

Commercial Building Security

Considering the catastrophic damage incurred by the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster, there is heightened concern by many owners and occupants of commercial buildings, manufacturing plants and public places like shopping malls for enhanced security. When stationed at existing checkpoints, the Sencion is a very effective tool to establish and maintain a heightened level of security.

Courthouse Security

Courthouses are considered to be in a high risk environment; they require screening of all persons entering the building. The Sencion is a cost-effective and seamless complement to their existing security protocols.

Due to its compact size, accuracy and immediate response, the Sencion threat liquid detector is ideal for immediate implementation in the following security screening applications:

Airport Security

Capable of immediate detection of threat liquids in unopened and opened plastic and glass containers, the Sencion is well-suited for use at all airport passenger screening checkpoints as a complementary and additional screening procedure. Positioned at the end of the screening process, 100% examination of all hand carried liquid containers will have little or no impact on passenger throughput, and add significantly to the overall safety of aviation travel and convenience of the traveling public.

Federal Building Security/State Building Security

A high percentage of individuals visiting federal and state buildings carry a variety of drinking containers into the buildings. Considering the vast number of politicians, government officials and members of the public present in these buildings at any given time, the Sencion provides effective screening that will quickly identify any deadly threat liquid entering the building.

Government Agency Protection

Virtually all government agencies require extensive security screening protocol due to the secret and/or sensitive nature of the role they fulfill on behalf of the government. Again, the Sencion deploys an effective screening process to maintain the enhanced level of security required by each agency.