Lightweight Flammable/Explosive
Liquid Detection Equipment

The Sencion is a laptop-sized detection device that instantaneously and effectively analyzes liquids in bottles to determine if a threat liquid is present. Threat liquids are defined as any flammable, combustible and/or explosive liquid that, when ignited can be harmful or deadly. These liquids, if smuggled onto a commercial airliner or into any highly populated area can have potentially disastrous results.

The Sencion is designed for use at security checkpoints to enable individuals to carry bottled liquids quickly and safely through any security checkpoint.

The Sencion uses harmless, electromagnetic technology to assess the physical properties of liquids. Microwaves are generated from sending and receiving antennae and are then analyzed by computer chips using sophisticated software to determine if a bottled liquid contains any threat liquids that could be used to harm.

Flexible Configurations

The standard Sencion unit is calibrated to detect threat liquids in opened and unopened PET (standard plastic) and glass bottles. Glass bottles may range from clear to various colors and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, depending on their processing and thermal history, may either be transparent, opaque or white. Depending on the type of container and the thickness of the bottom of the bottle to be tested, sensors are calibrated differently to detect threat liquids present in a wide range of containers. As currently designed, one sensor alone covers most commercially available beverage containers consumers would buy in vending machines or stores.

Technical Data

Sencion demonstration video showing green light for safe liquids and red light and sound alarm for threat liquids. Watch video


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